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arrival ark sz

that must be it!
through the summer rain of 1845
the coach had finally arrived.
to the valley where the crossroads meet below,
and where all darkness seems to grow.
people blame it on the hill....
the hill where no one dares to go....
the mansion...where no one dares to go.
the coach had stopped, and from the window you could see
seven horsemen in the night.
miriam natias and jonathan la fey
saw the magic in their eyes.
they were in for a surprise....
the darkness would soon be complete.
a horseman came forth from the dark....
we know youve come to inherit whats yours...the mansion.
take our advise and go back on this night.
if you refuse 18 will become 9...oh no!
oh 18 is 9!
jonathan laughed and said, "get out of my way.
i dont believe a word you say."
the seven horsemen disappeared into the night.
someday youll need our help, my friend....
i think poor jonathan was scared....
18 is actually 9...it stuck in his mind....


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