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date stamp ark sz

this hearts up for sale
yeah, this hearts on the stand
mix and match and melt in my mouth
nothing ever goes quite as planned
you fly north and ill sail south

so redevelop product
redesign this package
still refuse to reach in your pocket
everything is temporary written on that sand
looking for the girl that meets supply with demand

_ chorus:

love has no guarantee
(yes im date stamped)
promise me eternity
(guess ill fade away)
even with a pedigree
(yes im date stamped)
love has no guarantee

that hearts on display, yes, that hearts off the rails
a ship in the harbour with wind in its sails
chain up love inside the chain-store girl
chain up love and exchange it

is monsieur a connoisseur or just short-changed?
off the rack or custom-fit it all seems the same
look but dont touch in paradise
dont let them catch you damaging the merchandise

_ to chorus

i get sales talk from sales assistants
when all i want to do girl, is lower your resistance
everything is temporary, written in the sand
looking for the girl that meets supply with demand

love has no guarantee
brings out the woman in me
even with a pedigree
love has no guarantee

no chance of subtlety
no promise of eternity
even with a pedigree
love has no guarantee


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