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take me back ark sz

i am blue, the sky is grey,
i guess its better off that way.
theres really not much left to say.
i called you on the phone,
another guy said that you werent at
but, i dont care ill call you again
baby id give you the world...
please forget about those fifteen other
i dont care what they say...
i didnt mean to stand you up on our
wedding day.
im sorry that i gave you that infection,
and said we had sex on the love
can i ever make it up to you?
im sorry that i made you mad,
the things i did just didnt seem that
except for maybe when i blew up your
oh baby what can i do???
every girl im with makes me think of
i call your name in my sleep.
too bad you think that im a creep.
please take me back... (x5)


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