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the time has come to say goodbye
to all our past regrets. im sorry to inform you
but i doubt youll really ever understand.

friendships arent built on false promises
ive failed without defeat.
in this game of disrespect
im a victim a small town tragedy.

heres the difference between you and i
ill tell the truth and count my blessings
so thanks for all youve done
but i wont let you get the best of me.

you think im just a kid but
you dont fucking get it.
im strong in my conviction
and dont you forget it.

so many things are left unsaid
but i wont even waste my time
for us to go our separate ways
i hope you miss me when im gone.

friendships arent built on false promises.
ive failed without defeat.
in this game of disrespect
im a victim of small town rivalry.

farewell to all my friends
with self respect intact.
nothing will last forever
never looking back.

end is forever.


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