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vox humana ark sz

early mornin lookin tired and worn
and lookin out for the enemy
you made all the way to hudson bay
but youre right back here with me
tryin to run away
your lips are sealed

a runaway
so tell me baby
what youre wantin me to do
givin my love to you
mama dont you know
now youre livin like a runaway
sunday dawn you met a gypsy woman
on a road to tennessee
she told you a lot about the world to come
but did she tell you
why you couldnt tell me
like a runaway
how one by one you run away
now tell me baby
what you want me to do
givin all my love to you
mama dont you know


its gonna be a hard leavin
youre gonna need a strong reason
cause i aint gonna start believin
that youre out of my life
you bet you better do your fast talkin
before you do your last walkin
its gonna be a hard hard leavin (talk to me)
vox humana
i wanta feel the power of speech
vox humana
sounds so right so real to me
vox humana
you gotta say
what you oughtta say
dont try to run away
darlin im lettin you know


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