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playing with the boys ark sz

id say it was the right time
to walk away
when dreaming takes you nowhere
its time to play
bodies working overtime
your money dont matter
the clock keeps ticking
when someones on your mind

im moving in slow motion
feels so good
its a strange anticipation
knock, knock, knocking on wood
bodies working overtime
man against man
and all that ever matters
is baby whos ahead in the game
funny but its always the same

playing, playing with the boys
playing, playing with the boys
after chasing sunsets
one of lifes simple joys
is playing with the boys

said it was the wrong thing
for me to do
i said its just a boys game
girls play too
my heart is working overtime
in this kind of game
someone gets hurt
im afraid that someone is me
if you want to find me, ill be
playing with the boys

i dont want to be the moth around your fire
i dont want to be obsessed by your desire
im ready, im leaving
ive seen enough
ive got to go
you play too rough


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