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forever ark sz

now, while were here alone
and all is said and done
now i can let you know
because of all youve shown
ive grown enough to tell you
youll always be inside of me

how many roads have gone by
so many words left unspoken
i needed to be by your side
if only to hold you

forever in my heart
forever we will be
and even when im gone
youll be here in me

once, i dreamed that you were gone
i cried out trying to find you
i begged the dream to fade away
and please awaken me
but night took a hold of my heart
and left me with no one to follow
the love that i lost to the dark
ill always remember

forever in my heart
forever we will be
and know that when im gone
youll be here in me
forever in my heart
you always thought id be
id be yours


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