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footloose ark sz

been working so hard
im punching my card
eight hours, for what
oh, tell me what i got
ive done this feeling
that times just holdihg me down
ill hit the ceiling
or else ill tear up this town
now i gotta cut

-loose, footloose
kick off your sunday shoes
please, louise
pull me offa my knees
jack, get back
cmon before we crack
lose your blues
everybody cut footloose
youre playkng so cool
obeykng every rule
dig way down in your heart
youre yearning, yearnkng for some
somebody to tell you
that life aint passing you by
im trying to tell you
it will if you dont even try
you can fly if youd noly cut

loose, footloose
kick off your sunday shoes
oowhee, marie
shake it, shake it for me
whoa, milo
cmon, cmon lets go
lose your blues
everybody cut footloose
we got to turn you around
you put your feet on the ground
now take a hold of your ball
im turning it

(repeat -)


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