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make it last ark sz

theres a lot on my mind
so i guess that ill take it one thing at a time,
still sometimes i cant help but wonder why...
i sit around all day
and i waste my whole damn life away,
still thinkin bout just what there is to say.
(chorus #1) should i say goodnight???
...got to bed, turn out the fucking light
and leave you shining in the past.
should i try and forget???
...even though next week its something ill regret.
or, should i try and make it last?
i think about the day
when i felt youd throw it all away
to try to make me feel like im the one.
you were my best friend,
and i never ever thought those days would end
but now it seems like they are gone
(chorus #2) what more can i say???
...i never wanted it to be this way,
and where the hell is yesterday???
...we sure had a blast!
im sorry that were living in the past,
should we try and make it last?
(repeat chorus #1)


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