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losing streak ark sz

you only know what youve been taught.
youll never stop til you get caught.
you control the future and its looking bleak.
seems like were headed for another losing streak.

and the fires burning bright
and still we act like everythings all right
"i guess if we ignore it, itll probably go away."
if you believe that bullshit please see exhibit a.

forget about friendship, hey! lets destroy the enemy.
well if theres one thing that ive learned
my enemies are just as close to me.

you keep your problems deep inside.
you always play that game of run and hide.
even though they told you to see is to believe,
it didnt take you long to know that looks they can deceive.

dont give up fighting til nothing else stands in your way.
dont give up talking until theres nothing left to say
but no matter what you do.
dont ever compromise what you believe.


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