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lately ark sz

lately ive been feeling
a little bit neglected.
when it comes to your ex-boyfriends,
well, i guess im overprotective.
but its nothing personal
i just wanted you to tell me that you
lately ive been thinking bout
stickin my head in a toaster.
i never asked to take a ride
on this emotional roller-coaster
its you that i want,
and lately it feels like youre not there.
lately ive been contemplating
jumping in the ocean.
sometimes even spock would show
a little more emotion!
do you still love me now
as much as you loved me yesterday?
(chorus) i try to let it out...
i bitch, i cry, moan, whine, scream and
shout today,
but the wall wouldnt listen to me!
why wouldnt it listen to me?
im sick of always cryin
i dont wanna be sick of trying,
but youve gotta want me too.
lately ive been hoping for
a little bit of affection.
sometimes i wish that you had came
with your own set of directions.
i guess its not that easy,
but i hope that you still love me anyway
lately ive been thinkin bout
takin a vow of silence.
ive never seen a monk result
in any acts of violence.
or, maybe ill just cry
and hope you come around again today.
(repeat chorus)


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