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how i spent my summer vacation ark sz
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how i spent my summer vacation ark sz

got out of bed today
im alive, what can i say?
im really happy to be
somewhere with someone who makes me happy.

i took the bus downtown.
all day long i walked around
i looked at all the sights
and thought about how lucky i am now.

i was sick of feeling down.
so i gave it all away.
2000 miles from all i know
and so much better off today.
im still waiting for the world.
to come crashing down again.
and im still waiting for someone
to call me up and tell me your dead.
sometimes i wonder what was
going through your head
i dont know but i wont go there again.

you make me smile so wide
when i look into your eyes.
when your not around
you know your somewhere stuck inside my mind.

so here i am today
i was lost for 20 years
i found clarity
the day i took a chance
and moved away.


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