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four chord wonder ark sz

how many bands have wrote this song before?
i can name at least fifty...
i bet you could name a hundred more.
theres over a couple thousand
chord progressions around.
whill someone tell me who decided
theyd run this one into the ground?!
(chorus) im putting a stop to it once and for all!
im putting my fist right though the wall!
im telling you once and for all...
you better not write this stupid song again!
"ive got a little plan, so listen up.
we could write a four chord wonder,
and make a million bucks!"
no need to mention names
cause you know who you are.
take word of my advice
or ill break your guitar!
i think its time to set things straight...
i just wrote the song i hate.
and, ill write it again and again and again


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