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clara ark sz

i saw you cryin as i turned away
did i see your face, like it wasnt there
and i know i was wrong...
yeah, i knew it all along
but i didnt care about you
clara, where are you today?
and did you make the same mistakes...
that i made, a million times before i met
did you go, did you run, did you think of
your son?
did you know youre not the only one...
that tried to make a piece of coal into a
diamond yeah!
so everythings fine now, at least you say
maybe thats o.k. - but you know its
was i right, did it last?
were you dwelling on the past???
or hanging on to a memory
so you say your time will never come
maybe you should go ahead and jump...
then youll become exactly what you are
hanging onto
standing there on the bridge
with your feet on the ledge
maybe i might push you over the edge...
and send you falling straight to the ground


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