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bite my tounge ark sz

what can i say?
ill bite my tongue again today.
what can i do when i feel so stupid over you?
i wish theyd go ahead and cut it off.
and i dont wanna work anymore
cause sometimes i just cant ignore
the way i feel when i see you smile.
and someday ill just shut my eyes
and maybe then youll realize...
im just a fucking geek in love with you.
whens the right time
to use a stupid pick up line?
"so hows the weather???
do you wanna spend the night together?"
i know that you are just a girl
but in my eyes you rule the world,
i just thought id let you know.
youre my best friend and thats o.k.
but i wanna see you night and day,
and wake up holding you right by my side!
ive said my piece so now ill run and hide.
ill bring you candy and flowers,
sit by the phone for hours...
sing a song outside your window
just if you would let me know.
no more waking up lonely. will you be my
one and only. please let me know right now.
cause im not gonna live forever.


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