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are we there yet ark sz

i think that were lost again
and this looks like the shitty side of town.
were running out of gas
and the sun is going...
down... down... down.
time to turn around
and start heading back
in the right direction now,
but my map is upside down
i just wanna make the show,
but i dont think that were gonna go.
i can see the headline now...
"four punks found dead again.
we know you dont care... but film at ten.
and, now on to sports."
things are looking bleak,
everyone thinks that im a geek.
were hiding all our cash,
my fingernails are digging in the dash.
"why didnt you ask for directions?
what cracker jack box did you find your
license in?"
you stupid piece of shit...
ill never ride with you again!"
i just wanna make it to the show,
but i dont think that were gonna go.
"just pull over let me drive!"
everybody wants me dead.
i think the club is up ahead.
it feels good to be alive!


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