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you cant hold us back ark sz

stick the needle in your vein
and the drum beat goes like this...

we live day by day and you never gonna hold us back
i can see the sky turn white and you gonna take it out for more!
are you gonna take it out for more? (x3)

and that is the way its always gonna be!
that is the day when they all gonna see flames and fire
burning business buildings....
fuckin politicians - your smile on your nice face makes me spit blood

and you walk across the line and you start talking behind my back
you start looking for another...
another day to waste my time!
and you will wait for a lifetime to spend your life in sunshine

you cant hold us back!
you will never gonna hold us back!

i start walking through the sun...
yen for soul!
power me up with wires! cut them thru my body!
pay me out for nothing...
and im gonna keep my smile on my face!

theres nothing you can do...
just watch me going mad!
destroy each other to survive!
the whites get nervous and they feel insecure!

you cant hold us back!
you will never gonna hold us back!

ive got nothing more to say! its the end end of your era....
i really want to see you craving in the streets
with your christian belief! you little fuck!


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