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speed ark sz

news drug abuse to the future and the hippocrytes cry: who dies next?
and i tell you a story from the underground nothing funny about
get down to get hyped!
kill me and no ones gonna miss me...
feel the heat of the highway! to the car to the key of reality!
more and more and more and theres no way back! bored i am.. yes i can!
you may not count in the new world order!
and now its time to die cause i can see the sun the end is near im feeling high...
how fast can i run?
risin, risin to the top the pills are ready to be dropped
1, 2, 3 and 4 - got the joker shoot the score!
speed! speed! speed! speed! (x4)
just wouldnt believe it! just wouldnt believe it! (x3)
tomorrow, tomorrow always tomorrow...
there is no future in the weastern dreamin!
we feel it, we must beatem! its top late to create a new world!
alternative living it must be given a chance
water the problems solution! no solution if you cant use it!
and then i heard the siren of the police
my blood went up to 90 degrees
you cant see white cats in the snow
couldnt catch us...
oh human being, how low can you go?
risin, risin to the top....
1, 2, 3 and 4 - got the joker shoot the score!
speed! speed! speed! speed! (x4)
just wouldt believe it! just wouldt believe it! (x3)



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