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redefine the enemy ark sz

some feel the excitement of boredom...
some dont...
but one day you will step outside
and you will feel the heat...
you hear the sirens of death and they sound afraid
were back where we were ten years ago
and im feeling like im starting my old life from new
this is your last chance...
whats on your mind?
nothing im gonna die for nothing!
nothing else that matters...
but what do you want from me?
anti-fashion seems to be fashion too by now
i dont need stupid policemen taking care about me
i dont need anyone!
i take it all by myself! myself!
can you hear me? can you hear me?
tell me the truth you fuckface!
im gonna kill anyone for more!
suck me up for a better reason and im gonna cut you short...
if only technology keeps moving you forward
and youre not prepared for the future
you become a naive child left in an information overload unit...
whats holding us back is time!
worldleaders choose worldleaders...
not us, not democracy, not a revolution!
time to stop the germanization of the planet...
ive a fear of a white planet...
i redefine the enemy! redefine the enemy!
i broke the ice and i drowned
they want you dead but alive enough to function!
everything gets out of control
but what do you do? tonight?
lets get back on the street - start living again...
anything worth having is worth fighting for!
its important that the future is on our side!
on my side...
white house and white snow...
the final moment has come...
its all over!
it seems that you still have power in reserve...
but we are winning...
are you praying in your despair?
i redefine the enemy! ive got to redefine the enemy!
redefine the enemy...
here i come! dont bother me!
theres nothing we can do!
its not my style to just wait to be killed!
ill wipe you all out!
now is the chance... im covered in a blue shadow...
i fear no longer... i fear no longer...
redefine the enemy! i redefine the enemy...


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