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no success ark sz

i have enough of doing my part
i wanna run off - cast off - no success!
gonna let go of all the shit! break with you all!
no success!
too much passion to walk in the line...

come on!
i expose your lifestyle - your concept of degredation!
no success! no success!
no success! no success!
we bout ta blow the fuckin place!
fuck lucks and leprachauns u get stepped upon
in a sec u gone transform like a decepdichan
stayin a step beyond light years
youre playin upon my fears
i switch gears and bringin fear to those within my sphere
try to hold me down control my sound what is it u stupid
my crew split dooms like toothpicks home do u know who u fool with
threw accoustics with cool shit fuck bullshit who you with
arsonists set fires u getting tired youll have - no success!
you thought we fell from your weak spell
do tell friends and foes - we bout ta bring ya to hell
whats that smell? no success!
follow if you can hollow is your plan withstand society
governments eyin me lyin to me
electric chairs fryin me!

damn fuckin right! you take the truth out of my head!
bang! and then i understand...
radical - dressed up like a fashion style...
wild youth - sold out! and who asks why?
search my house and search my car!
i dont have anything to lose!
use me! rip me off! accuse me...
the message is clear - no success!
no success! no success! (x3)

you are a soldier on the industrial battlefield...
you know i dont love for sale but you fuck to die!
i dont want to make a secret of it! your success is just a lie!
thats how we live but how are you? i dont want to work for any of you!
no more engine of your game - this time you gonna burn a blaze!
i say no! no! no! no! no success!
i say no! no! no! no! no success!

no success! no success!
double tall latte, call me baby
double tall latte, mobile phone
double tall latte, super briefcase
call me but im at the mall

...locked in - i cant move and id say:
fuck you! cause were still on course...

his suicide, his suicide, his suicide
his suicide, his suicide, his...

no success! no success!
no success!
come on! come on!
no success! no success!


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