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get up while you can ark sz

get up while you can! get up!
they try to knock us to the ground! sell out! sell out! push us around!
watch your back - here comes the incredible!
the change for future is makin noise in my head!
the bloodsuckers keep tryin on
they do me in! they do me in!
i always wanted to see the end of the world... a thousand silverpearls
crack down my brain!
the citys covered by dark shadows not too late to give your blood away!
youre in control of being under control!

the rules are clear - you have no fear!
get up while you can! get up!
your times are never changnig and youre gonna be suprised!
always do what others do!
they want you to compromise!
i stand by the fire and im not satisfied
death takes place like lightning and nothings ever the same again!

get up while you can! get up!

if youre just here to consume the new hippness - forget it!
everythings still the same!
global changes have been made but the enemies stayed!

get up! get up! get up!
get up while you can! get up!


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