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fuck all ark sz

its about time that the atari teenage riot is taking over...
and some people look at you and they ask you:
where is the fun you promised me?????
fuck! you wont cry for me! turn around my ideas...
i dont need your fuckin attitude!
fuck all! fuck all! (x3)
cut all policemen into pieces!
fuck all! fuck all! (x4)

i just dont know... what you try to tell me
this cant be true!
you make me feel nothing! nothing!
you lie to yourself!

come on, you stupid pig! get the fuck away!
fuck all! fuck all! (x5)
did you try to say anything? but how?
you cant escape! you cant!
losing control doesnt always have to lead into danger!
you have no choice or do you wanna stay a slave?
are you going to resign? are you going to resign?

we disharmonize the entertainment industry!
lets destroy the future! from here! from now!
we are resistance! we are the resistance!
only when the old has died the new has a change to be born...
fuck all! fuck over the state!
fuck all! fuck all! (x5)
now its your turn - weve got other things to do!
you cant return now...you cant return!
fuck all! fuck all! (x4)
you cant return...


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