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delete yourself you got no chance to win ark sz
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delete yourself you got no chance to win ark sz

you put on the videohelmet and you quickly realize that this is not just another videogame - your entire field of vision fills with another worldly scene - youre in the game! - one day will come you enter the cyberspace and you never ever want to get out - cause reality is shit and cyberspace is god:

delete yourself - delete yourself
are you ready?

delete yourself! you got no chance to win! (x4)
the shit the shit is gonna make me sick
youre telling me this i tell you that
youre sitting there fat and what do you get?
is nothing for your money!
no chance to win thats what i tell you
but find it out your problem isnt mine
try to feel something any longer
ha! were getting stronger!
the end of the new age thats what it is!
lets take the piss theres nothing to risk
oh come on! shoot the fuckers and sweat the technique
two blind eyes thats what we need
go away and play your game!
heres the order:
delete yourself!

delete yourself! you got no chance to win! (x4)
fbi and cia
im waiting for the day when they stop playing
1984 is a joke when you see where we are 10 years later!
war will be a warm up and then it will be forgotten
politicians lie while others die - ive had enough!
tell the truth thats what i want
tell a lie i cant decide whether its right or wrong
fuck the system, man, fuck it up!
start the riot! start it now!
you dont know? we tell you how!
come policeman shoot me down! youll lose atr is around!

delete yourself! you got no chance to win! (x8)
go! go! go! go! go! go! (x4)
delete yourself! delete yourself!
delete yourself! delete yourself!
1, 2, 3, 4!
delete yourself! you got no chance to win! (x9)


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