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atari teenage riot ii ark sz

my warriors! you have done well...
prayed hard - im proud of you
so i promise you - we will be strong enough
when that time comes we will expand
we will...

come on!
you got to get on me!
they cant stop it! we wont drop it! you got to get on me!
are you with me? i want ot know right fucking now!
to erase us, they got to put a whole nation on death row!
step back or i attack! dont flee the chance to act!
im going to fight for it until i die! you find out in the end!
me and you for a new renegade
killing them with soundwaves we can do anything!
dont tell me that i was raised for armageddon
fight back! atr is calling for the final attack!
what did you say? (x3)
atari teenage riot!
go! go! go! go! (x8)
incite the riot! come on!
atari teenage riot!
drop it! mash up the sound! come on!
jump up - an embargo - my eyes are opened
the wounds wont heal any future thoughts!
we gotta thrash down the state!
black out! not far - like a genetic infection
a fraction of my mind erased for the final goal!
you dont need to say it again, man!
the second step - the riots -
uneffected brain mine alliances!
the frequency terror network
were setting it up! like a science!
anarchist data protection!
the ataris go for action!
let me raise a real question :
globalisation versus nationalist?
international versus capitalist?
lets go!
whats the society worth for? we got to - we got to!
what is it worth for? (x3)

got to got to...
come on tell me
and then you turn your back on me
this is just too much for you?
generation genocide - this just leaves you cool
like a fool waiting in a prison cell - waiting to give in...
but that doesnt make me wanna stop! no way!
what do you want? what do you want?
atari teenage riot!
go! go! go! go! (x8)
incite the riot! (x3)
atari teenage riot!
in times like this i gotta tell myself :
move on! move on! (x11)
if we dont turn it off - nobody else will!
move on and start the riot!
fuck you!


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