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anarchy ark sz

ill set the sights higher!
ill set the sights higher!
higher and higher!
ill set the sights higher!

a dividing conflict is about to come
a virtual mass murder!
you better run!
dhr - emphasised...
our results make them compromise!

60 seconds until the meltdown
another countdown will make my day!
anarchist leagues are forming all over
nowhere! were going to pay!
i dont and i wont and you know what its all about!
fuck the new conformity!
we gonna take you down!

we add risks to the explosive situation
americanised mass manipulation:
a waste of mankind!
and thats just a taste!
they got the money and we get the blade!

and then things get out of control...
just back off! some heads going to roll!
my soul is on fire! im warning you:
the next messiah i am! ill bang your fucking head!
the new aushwitz is hiding
a nation is accused -
but i tell you
we will survive! theres nothing you can do!

come on!

everybody is talking like its too late!
fuck you and fuck your state!
im going to take it all on me:
destroy the usa!
i dont need no fucking pretending!
here i am and im still standing...
abandoned anarchist decontrol!
fuck you! we go for soul!

anarchy in 1999! anarchy in 1999! just a start!
just a start in 99! anarchy in 1999!
anarchy in 99! anarchy!
you drop the knife and ill kill you...
go too far and then youll know!
we know we got lost like an erased error!
fuck your heart! im gonna tear it out!
firing words of death and i leave you in a mess!
the capitol is dead!
we reunite a new underground!
atr - arsonists take control!
we dont need no water let the arsonists
burn (burn muthafucka burn)
we dont need no water let the arsonists
burn (burn muthafucka burn)

forget everything youve ever considered real
and fear the turning of the new year
as 2000 moves near countdown
till the ball drops
no more cops run for cover
from the falling atomic rocks
y2k deletes us from the program
the presidents an alien from planet zoltan
nowhere to go man
surrounded by death and disease
the sun looses its heat and the planetll freeze

ah ah i cant take no more feel the dreary blood
just seeping through my pores
sore ripping apocalypse dominate anonymous
catalyst of fear engulf the bright metropolis
aint no stopping this watch carnage through your picket fence
drench wickedest stench no appeal to make amends
say goodbye my friends to your life of all pretend
i compute the bible code so we all become a has been

in the days of the futures past here at last
i engage in the task of protecting what we have splattering the bad
calculate the math 5760... 52 years to think quickly
death for peace my destiny is born ready
kamuis weapon x aligned with the god text
samurai which wills to die from condomless sex
generation x is lost in holocaust not guided by the force
the mind divorced the body and our souls is what it cost

burn, burn motherfucker! burn!
the world the world the world is on fire
the world the world the world is on fire

times not up for me!
the league - a new start!
and no beginning...
and then things get out of control...
youll wait and see...

the gamble of the whole white supremacy lie
its out there to die!

anarchy in 99! just a start!
anarchy in 99! just a start in 99!
just a start in 99!
anarchist atari teenage riot
in 1999... from 1999 on!


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