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within ark sz

feel the vibrating words of power
magick the portal, language the key
as my journey within begins

once again the gates stand open before me
time has come for me to climb the tree of life
and sail the seas i know so well

i search the winding mazes of my mind
and travel through thoughts left behind
as the waves they carry my ship into the air
a way out, but not back, i must find

i cant go on living in this dead world
crawling through this life i hate
i wont be thrown to the wolves again
i escape through magick as darkness it falls

but now the danger lurks within
through my mind and beyond
my task is insane
and i dont know how my body will respond
but my ship is a strong on
it has carried me through storms worse than this

i cant go on living in this dead world
crawling through the life i hate

i hear music and it guides me
on my quest to infinity
a harbor appears within the mist
its lighthouse, a sunrise
for a soul starved of light

i try to focus my mind on it
but something is blocking the way
but one day this city ill reach

i now return to balance again
as mind and body unites
and i close the temples of my mind
lutis nitra

find powers within

upon the seas of starvation


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