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connie francis, connie francis arklar, connie francis ark szleri
1.a lifetime of love404
2.al di la italienisch544
3.al di la italienisch/englisch578
4.am i blue589
5.among my souveniers406
6.another page403
7.babys first christmas589
8.barcarole in der nacht486
9.breakin in a brand new broken heart413
10.bye, bye love381
11.ciao ciao bambina832
12.come prima904
13.connie francis medley424
15.die liebe ist ein seltsames spiel340
16.die nacht ist mein345
17.do you know the way to san jose350
18.dont be cruel478
19.dont break the heart that loves you473
20.drei munzen im brunnen399
21.einmal wirst du kommen511
22.everybodys somebodys fool444
24.follow the boys340
25.forget domani490
27.god bless america466
28.gondola damore507
29.havah negilah555
30.heartaches by the number359
31.heier sand511
32.hes my dreamboat860
33.i was such a fool to fall in love with you368
34.ich denk an dich734
35.ich komm nie mehr von dir los448
36.if i didnt care403
37.illya darling488
38.in the summer of his years338
39.id let you break my heart all over again377
40.im gonna be warm this winter473
41.im henry viii i am763
42.im sorry i made you cry515
43.jive connie386
44.kiss me goodbye505
45.la vie en rose781
46.lass mich bei dir sein486
47.lass mich gehn572
48.lipstick on your collar374
50.looking for love342
51.love is a many splendoured thing319
52.love is me, love is you523
53.malaguena deutsche version505
54.many tears ago304
55.mein schiff fahrt zu dir328
56.meine reise ist zu ende329
57.moon river462
58.my happiness367
59.my heart cries for you324
60.my heart has a mind of its own321
61.my real happiness358
62.never on sunday1086
63.no one777
64.no one ever sends me roses445
65.once a day363
66.pretty little baby441
67.que sera sera450
68.robot man377
69.romantica deutsche version394
70.romantica italienische version768
71.schade um die schone zeit326
72.schoner fremder mann312
73.second hand love410
74.secret love680
75.shell be comin round the mountain406
76.sing von liebe, balalaika392
77.somebody else is taking my place438
78.someone elses boy485
79.somewhere, my love489
82.strand der lieder341
83.stupid cupid458
84.tango italiano794
86.the bells of st marys471
87.the biggest sin of all351
88.the last time i saw paris400
89.the song is ended but the melody lingers on420
90.this girls in love with you / i say a little prayer379
91.three coins in the fountain440
92.time alone will tell451
95.tu mir nicht weh382
97.volare nel blu dipinto di blu540
98.we have something more than a summer love374
99.wenn du gehst385
100.wenn ich traume567
101.when the boy in your arms is the boy in your heart287
102.when the boys meet the girls368
103.where the boys are360
104.white christmas372
105.whose heart are you breaking tonight411
106.whos sorry now671
107.you always hurt the one you love2509
108.your other love577
109.youre gonna miss me452
110.youre mine just when youre lonely343
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