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non-divine ark sz

from cold storms i emerge to inferno
kiss me with your insanity, bless me with your plague
burn through my head

the psychic treasures in the arena to find
dead symbols that walk through the dreams of man
non-divine, burning souls of red

tounges of insanity, here i am
lick me free from my dark past
and open my heart for your joy

i seek eternity where it lies to be found
my life will not end 6 feet under the ground
no rebirth in heaven where eternal sleep awaits
we must seek immortality beyond the seven gates

make love with me this one last time
this one dead dream
and rot we can as gods
together in a distant hell

burn me with your tounges of love
burn me free from my bitterness and hate

so let the light devour men
and eat them up with blindness

non-divine, a restless soul
worm, goat, eater of gods

burn me with the3 tounges of your love
burn me free from my hate

set me on fire
again and again


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