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blood of the sunsets ark sz

the sun sets in a sea of love
stab your demoniac smile in my brain
seduce me with the blood of the sunsets
lock me out from my body and its pain

the golden wine of the sun
deep rich purple, whit and red
the crimson vintage of life and love
im drunk on the blood of the sunstes

i watch the burning clouds
fighting to get hold of the sun

tak heed, i am born, god of the twilight
i am forever

proud, naked, full of sin
born where the flames never die
lost in the garden of stars

"we used to situp ther for ages.
it was like we were giving birth to a new world.
a child of our spirits,
wild with light, alive with colours."

"have you ever considered true freedom?
real true freedom.
we were gods, burning in the eternal twilight.
we were the end forever."

beyond our sanity, a paradise for all to find

blood of sunsets, the golden wine of the sun


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