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warsaw ark sz

3,5,0,1,2,5, go!

i was there in the back stage,
when the first light came around.
i grew up like a changeling,
to win the first time around.
i can see all the weakness.
i pick all the faults.
well i concede all the faith tests,
just ot stick in your throats.

31g, 31g, 31g

i hung around in your soundtrack,
to mirror all that youve done,
to find the right side of reason,
to kill the three lies for one,
i can see all the cold facts.
i can see through your eyes.
all this talk made no contact.
no matter how hard we tried.

31g, 31g, 31g

i can still hear the footsteps.
i can see only walls.
i slid into your man-traps,
with no hearing at all.
i just see contradiction,
had to give up the fight,
just to live in the past tense,
to make believe you were right.

31g, 31g, 31g

3, 5, 0, 1, 2, 5.


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