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... 3, 4 warsaw!
dont talk to me girl, you know its not nice.
dont laugh at murder, i wont pay the price.
the facts are too high-powered, so sickened thrill,
id give that mess up cos it makes you so ill.

blame bad things on me, whatever you do.
when i come home i will be different from you.
youre such a chictalk, youre really trussed up.
dont wanna talk to you, just left me your mum.

dont be a puppet, always rush you around.
one just for you photo, try and tire me down.
i wont tell him i talk like this all night,
he must be worried cos youre sounding so trite.

respect is only normal, the way to our lives.
ever tried to sleep around with a bed for a wife.
well never change you, if you start acting that way.
if do keep mouths all open, ill never get a say.
you know whats special, its as dark as i say.
can you see me, just ourselves,
no comment, copycat!


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