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candidate ark sz

forced by the pressure,
the territories marked,
no longer the pleasure,
oh, ive since lost the heart.

corrupted from memory,
no longer the power,
its creeping up slowly,
the last fatal hour.

oh, i dont what made me,
what gave me the right,
to mess with your values,
and change wrong to right.

please keep your distance,
the trail leads to here,
theres blood on your fingers,
brought on by fear.

i campaigned for nothing,
i worked hard for this,
i tried to get to you,
you treat me like this.

its just second nature,
its what weve been shown,
were living by your rules,
thats all that we know.

i tried to get to you,
i tried to get to you,
i tried to get to you.
i tried to get to you.


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