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when youre lonely ark sz

written by j. knight and s. bensusen

verse 1:

i know he hurt you
i see you cryin
girl i can stop the rain from falling
just let me hold you
i wanna tell you
all the things you need to hear
b-section: let me be the one you need
everything you want ill be


baby when youre lonely
ill be there to dry your tears
baby when youre lonely
dont you worry im right here

verse 2:

he always told you
he never showed you
love is more than saying the words
someone to talk to
someone to listen
something that i know youve been missing

(repeat b-section)

(repeat chorus) bridge:

to take away the pain you feel
you never had a love thats real
i will always be holding you close to my heart
girl well never be apart

(repeat chorus)


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