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finally finding out ark sz

verse 1:

i didnt wanna be silent
i had a lot to say
i didnt wanna make moves
until i paved a way
im giving in to something
i never gave before
im taking on much less
because i needed more


im learning everyday
im goin all the way
im finally finding out
what love is all about
there will be no doubt
im finally finding out

verse 2:

and my babys so good for me
i can see my future in our family
if you believe in something
you gotta hold on tight
you can always feel it better
if you close your eyes




our loves whats supposed to be
it takes time
grows out of trust and honesty
if you dive in, change your mind
cause you dont know how to swim, baby
i turn the lights and go to sleep
dream of all that we can be
and wake up knowing we can always try chorus



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