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dont run ark sz

i feel like the world is on my head
i dont wanna lose what made me a man
still when i call your name
i wait, youll say, youre so far away

now that i feel the well so dry
i need you to fill me up inside
baby you turn me on and on

just wanna hold you
im dying to show you
dont run from me
dont turn your back on me
were getting closer
dont say that its over
dont run from me
dont turn your back on me
come out of the dark
dont tear us apart
dont run from my heart

it took me some time to understand
what all along i held in my hands
if you give me one more chance
ill prove, im true to you

now every night it seems so wrong
im here all alone where you belong
girl let me turn you on and on

im such a dreamer
when im sleeping, im thinking of you
a million roses, waterfallls, around a bed for two
sippin fruits with the best babe
im not here for the rest babe
need your candlelight, sweet love tonight
i cant afford to lose you


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