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youre no good ark sz

how can you be so dark and disgusting
when shes all sweetness and light
she doesnt lie through her teeth all day
she doesnt grind them in her dreams
when you hold her tight at night
how can you be so sick and suspicious
when shes health and goodness personified?
that love you gave her, its just a virus
that wants blood for dr.hyde
shes an angel and youre a clown
shell be flying when youre six feet under the ground
youll be lying because someone told you you should
shes an angel and youre no good

how can you be so cool and distant
when she always does her best to be here
right between your dreams and your nightmare desires
the hole in your wall has got so small
her stockings are so sheer
how can you be so greedy and hopeless
she gives you everything but you still want more
if you could see the looks you give her
thats something youd abhor
shes an angel and youre a joke
a shaggy dog shuffling in to give the punchline a poke
youre just dying to turn her into red riding hood
shes an angel and youre no good

shes a not a barbie doll
you can drag around on some dog collar
you cant wrap love up in clingflim
keep it from getting older
shell always be so artless
youre heartless, getting colder
dont try to come from behind
cos ill be right over your shoulder

how can you treat her dumb and stupid
when she knows that youre not the bees knees
youll have to let her turn the bedside light right off
instead of you turning it down to mood by the three degrees
how can you be so limp and spineless
when shed even help you to make your final stand
its not enough for anyone
just to lie back and think of iceland
shes not an angel, shes flesh and blood
you do the dirty and shes crawled around right in your mud
now youre crying, i think that we knew that you would
shes an angel and youre no good


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