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you so&so ark sz

im gonna fill me full of coffee
just to drown the nicotine
ill do a slow striptease
then wash my body clean
im gonna go to bed too early
just to keep me still
then ill lie there quiet
try to write my will

then ill dream that i am with you
oh to hide inside your hair
ill be so quiet that
you wont know im there
visit me tonight
come like dust under the door
heres a key
and you know what its for

but, oh
do you know
i love you so
you so&so?

i never took a breath before
i never wrote a song
my body is in trouble
ive been out of it so long
but i want to be inside right now
and only you know when
just one kiss would bring me back

but oh
do you know
i love you so
you so&so


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