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you in spite of yourself ark sz

what have they done to you darling?
what did you let them do?
cos i cant believe theyd get that far
without some assistance from you
did you offer scant resistance
when the black light turned to blue?
was it everything you dreamed of?
did you think youd still be you
in spite of yourself?

what have they done to you, darling?
howd they get away with that?
when you saw their funny mouse suits
did you know that they were rats?
and i think, i know, im sure you were
aware of every ruse
youve even changed your name
maybe thats why youre confused
in spite of yourself

through a crack in your disguise
your eye is peeping through
and its like sunlight through the curtains

what have they done to you, darling?
who are they anyway?
give us their addresses
well hear what they have to say
we revile the things we hate
but give credit where its due
and youve had a big fakeover
it could be a big improvement
but i guess that youre still you
you in spite of yourself


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