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you and your career ark sz

you know those feelings im talking about
youre walking down the road
a car indicates right and then turns left
you didnt get the code
its a world of signs were living in
a mirror and thats a fact
if you dont reflect what they provide
theyre likely to react

was another wind-swept wednesday
in the schoolyard of the heart
your knuckles got wrapped for this before
you had to learn your part
im at your window looking in
seems my valentine has died
we came out in 1983
now youve gone back inside
youve gone back inside

a snapshot of a wicked world
its flowing down the sink
but there is no point in watching it go
no time to sit and think
the worlds revolving faster
but the trains still going slow
so much cackle, no more laughter
dont trust anyone you dont know

your mothers irresponsible
your fathers on the booze
it just happened to turn out that way
they could not really choose
now youve got big alternatives
but its only one or naught
dont try to look between those places
if you do then dont get caught
dont get caught cos that could ruin your career

youre looking for a part-time job
youre picking up the perks
and all you do is lick the floor
and jerk off all the jerks
i dont know if youve noticed
im tired of being understood
but at least these words rhyme with the world
in a sense you knew they would

sometimes i am a politician
other times im just a king
but i always do the things i want
like let my payphone ring
of course i have no money
naturally, i have no friends
of course i have no power
but the license to pretend that ive got a career
i can pretend that ive got a career

you reached the door they told you to
they just said ëwell what took you so long?
well maybe in that corridor
all the exits were marked wrong
you took the route they told you to
you walked down straight white lines
you kept on looking straight ahead
im sure itll work out fine
now youve got what you want and youve got your career


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