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wooden overcoat ark sz

theres a man in a pitch black hat
and his underwears made of mud
he jumps like a pouncing cat
and he lands with a sickening thud
his head is surrounded by ravens
the plague has progressed to his heart
best that you meet him clean shaven
cos his razor is not kept sharp
and hes wearing a wooden overcoat

hes known in the underworld
he lives in the undergrowth
and hes knowingly undersold
though hes never been under oath
his devils are arrayed in armies
and his angels will fix the fight
hell shape you like origami
and throw you away at night
and hes wearing a wooden overcoat

his house is a damp museum
and all of his servants worms
mating in mausoleums
licking the floor for germs
and his cabinets full of wonders
theres specimens everywhere
hes negative six feet under
and has to submerge for air
and hes wearing a wooden overcoat

dont ever act too humble
dont eat away thy heart
hes tearing apart each dungeon
his tails an evil dart
and hes wearing a wooden overcoat


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