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william and nancys parting ark sz
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william and nancys parting ark sz

come all you pretty maidens that have a mind to go
all along with your lover for to face the daring foe
ive a mind to venture where the cannonballs do fly
all along with my love ill go

he says my lovely nancy i hope youll not repine
for i must go onboard our noble fleet to join
our orders are to sea my dear and now we must obey
and behind me you must stay

she says my lovely william oh dont you leave me here
ill dress me as a seaman and along with you ill steer
oh let me go along with you your mess mate for to be
and ill fight so manfully

he says my lovely nancy great danger is at sea
perhaps we may be shipwrecked or else be cast away
and in the line of battle perhaps you may be slain
so behind me you must remain

your pretty little fingers they are so long and small
youll think it but hard usage our cable ropes to haul
when the winds they do blow high and the billows loudly roar
at home you must be on shore

so now my love has gone abroad as i do tell you plain
kind heaven shall protect him as hes ploughing on the main
protect him from all danger where the cannonballs do fly
and send my william home again


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