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where the bodies are ark sz

somebody went and killed some people
and they know who
the evidence fits around the facts
like a favourite shoe
but nobody knows where the corpses are
their whereabouts unknown
the killers in a frenzy
and hes getting on the phone
so they got their thinking hats on
and spread out in their cars
but only i know where the bodies are

you know they can i.d. someone
from one cell of skin
but they couldnt spot a crime scene
if the killer went and let em in
to genetic fingerprinting
we all take off our hats
to hide the little stains that spread
across the welcome mat
you can put your best foot forward
and wish upon a star
but only i know where the bodies are
lawyers defending guilty men
depending on the bid
the question isnt if theyre guilty
but if theyll get acquitted
justice goes unjustfied
beneath a police chief and an eagle
pains too difficult to prove
theyre not going to make pain illegal
to think that we were once naive
to think weve come this far
to think that only i know where the bodies are
some people dont wanna know
the facts behind the scam
or see "who could i be?"
peeking out behind "the great i am"
but most of us got enough to think about
husbands and wives
to notice pointless deaths become
a brand new way of life
and this is just a sandwich board
that i wear out in the park
saying only i know where the bodies are
(and im not telling you.)


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