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things snowball ark sz

you might remember this conversation when you get older
you may recall the warning signs on the road
but if you lose all recollection
or misplace your sense of direction
heres a quarter taped to the number of my phone

when childish habits are slow to die
you might look up and wonder why
things snowball in the twinkling of an eye

you could be paying for the present on expenses
you might realise your biggest lies on a movie screen
you might be living in a mansion
your corporation in expansion
with a broken heart that far exceeds your wildest dreams

somewhere way under the rainbow
dragging round an empty pot of glue
bruised and confused it could happen to you
seeing for the first time that dreams can come true

i was living up the stairs from a mortuary
he could hear me bring the bodies home at night
he tried to say "i was just like you"
i shouted back "youre an old fool"
he said "listen" and i told him "id rather die"
but i changed my mind


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