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the world and all its problems ark sz
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the world and all its problems ark sz

i was holding up a cigarette and trying to find my mouth
tyring hard to look so cool like any other ticket tout
people sipping on each others blood, theyre all out for the count
talking turkey all around me, what are they all on about?

its the world and all its problems
the world and all its problems
the world and all its problems
im walking out its past midnight, so i stay in the light
please stop breathing on my shoulder, hes just trying to start a fight
he says "what was that you called me?" and something says i might
just try to reason with him, wheres the beaten track tonight?
jesus gandhis on a limb out where good guys dont go
telling all these parables that everybody knows
and no-one wants to hear them cos he tells them all so slow
you can catch him on the news when he becomes a superhero
im sitting on your sofa
thinking about how things rhyme
how i wish youd plug the dansette in
and turn it up just one more time
one more time
everybody wants all the truth but its easier to lie
me i love this girl called ruth, we had to say goodbye
i loved her so much sometimes that it made me wanna die
and id hate her so much sometimes and we knew the reason why


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