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the robert frost rag ark sz

the east coast is a woman
the mid-west is a man
and the west coast is the baby
they will never understand
and the south is where it
wants to be
and america is hard to see

californias on the left
and maine is on the right
santa fe stays up all day
and chicago goes all night
seattles full of coffee
bostons full of beans
and america is hard to see

first they saw it offshore
then they took pictures from the moon
they havent drawn it lifesize
but its gonna happen soon
and you could watch ten years
of court tv
to know
america is hard to see

and i sing this from my vantage point
up here in the stars
and all i see is empty spaces
and cities full of cars
id change it all but
its not up to me
cos america is hard to see


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