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the peoples drug ark sz

got a stupid job, but its fair money
got a brand new car but i cant drive
ive got a sweetheart, i call her honey
and ive also got a wife
people say that theyre depressed
but they go out, theyre so well dressed
what is it that makes them feel that way?
cant get it in no drug store
no mans an island, thats for sure
and it looks like the world just ran out of things to say

so, give me some of the peoples drug
give me some of the peoples drug
whatever makes you feel that good
ill take it like i know i should
so, give me some of the people, peoples drug
give me some of the peoples drug
pick me up and take me to a movie
give me an ending that i can understand
sell me a rocking soundtrack, make it groovy
give me backstage passes to the band
people always whine whine whine
shut up and pay the fine fine fine
whats the difference anyway
beteween being safe and being rad
when the big joke is weve all been had
you wont get to read the news in usa today
god, its a whacky race were running
and i must atone for all my sins
god grant me some of what youre giving
heard you dont need needles, dont need pins
ill pay prescription wheres the bill
i thought it was a bitter pill
but whats it matter what i feel
take the dog and take the wife
shoe me how to life the life
the price you people pay well its gotta be a steal


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