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the movie of your life ark sz

in the movie of your life
theyll get some real jerk to be you
edited so he can act
cast because of his tvq
in the movie of your life
youll be less famous than he is
thatll be a strange turn of events
youll be a cameo amongst the rushes

and youre learning all the lines
though it was you who said them in the first place
since then someone wrote them down
to pay for his new beach space
theres all these things you cant recall
and things you know you didnt say
but in the move of your life
the truth just flirts and runs away
and its so plain to me
youre happy with this parody
but in a glittering instant you hold the light so we can see
that your jokes become your reality
all your tricks so limp and tame
you said you were a stage magician
but its only moths in light
heaven burnt out in collision
its only seats that theyre booking
in the movie of your life
the truth wont get a look-in
everyone knows that youre divine so we await your resurrection
and they say that youll be just fine
after you dry out on the critical clothesline
and you know its all made up
how come your face has ceased to be you?
all your doubts and greatest fears
they will be confirmed at the preview
celluloid has shaped the day
and put the cat amongst the coughers
one business lunch on drugs
now youre waiting for the next big offer


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