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the facts of life ark sz

well you say youve got everything you wanted
all your beds are full and your houses are haunted
and everything you need, well you got it on credit
theres nothing we can think and you havent said it
but something tells me that everything is gonna change
when your shares hit low and the world starts to rearrange
and when it does i know that
you wont be where its at
you better learn
the facts of life

i guess that no-one ever took you aside
and pointed out the difference between black and white
and now it seems that role has fallen to me
which is kinds strange when you consider who you wanna be
and you come you dont know
how low youll have to go
to realise the facts of life
youre too old to learn your abcs
and its much more sinister than the birds and the bees
you know i told you it was, didnt i?
so now youre dead buried and neglected
and youre learning much more than you ever expected
no-one can explain your heart attack
now everyones bringing up baby behind your back
bet you wish youd listened close
instead of taking an overdose
bet you wish you knew
the facts of life
the facts of life


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