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roy orbison knows the best mans song ark sz

well your voice grips me tight like fingers
takes hold of whatevers inside
though we try to harmonize with different singers
when were out of tune at least well know weve tried
baby, its a hopeless feeling
leaves mr. logic reeling
i love you, i know
but what does that mean
when the only place forward is where weve just been
its time to think twice
its time to decide
turn and keep walking or be my bride
or be my bride
or be my bride

well roy orbison, he knows that i cant forget you
well he told me last night at forty-five
hope this honesty doesnt honestly upset you
he said Îto lie is death to love, i know were still alive
baby when the mornings breaking
so many actresses have already started faking
i love you i know
but its not such a big deal
im gonna tape you this song on my reel to reel to reel
its time to think twice
make up your mind
take me to the altar or leave me behind
or leave me behind
or leave me behind

well my memories, they lie to me just because they want to
well, like a runaway train, you know i have no control
im gonna tell them where you live so they can go and haunt you
and take back all the parts of me you stole
but i no longer feel like crying
my nervous systems dying
i love you i know
but im anaesthetized
i was foolishly hopeful, now ive realized
it was time to think twice
you had to go
i hope that you blossom, i hope that you grow
write me a postcard, make it some little thing
if you get married, ill carry the ring
if you get married, introduce me to him
introduce me to him, introduce me to him


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