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everythings changed and its all for the best
and its all gone according to plan
its out in the open and now its all over
three cheers for every woman and man
terry and julie still stand on the bridge
but only in our memory
dont look to them to draw a conclusion
just love them and set them free
julie hangs out by the banks of the river
where the garbage all flows to the sea
somethings washed up, its sacrifice to her
from the twentieth century
she sees the smokestacks and she sees the city
she sees the stadiums covered in snow
the streets have been cleaned except for the bedrooms
of all the people with nowhere to go
terry will clutch at threads where the rope was
as hes freefalling fast to the floor
but nobody claps because nobodys watching
its his lawyers who get all the applause
times on the move, and im on the redeye
where im hoping to find one more song
but its like looking for rain in the river
better not leave it too long
terry and julie filled out the coupon
and they won tickets tonight to the show
but its the aisles in the new stores that beckon
as they shine a divine guiding glow
the bridge through the city, it has just crumbled
and that link is what kept them all sane
the two of them tumble into the river
forget to come up for air again


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